This is the only Opportunity you can’t afford to let go

The word opportunity has been defined in several forms and in various terms in human language and understanding, an opportunity is a different thing to different people, depending on the presentation of such privilege. Many believe that an opportunity is an atmosphere, situation, circumstances or happenings which one takes advantage in advancing his course or purse of vision in life or advantage that give one adage over others in accomplishment, etc

Above all, an opportunity is you, the outcome of everything that is connected or related to you either directly or indirectly is approved by you. The happening around us in most cases don’t need our consent to operate (such as our background, parents, family, nation, etc) but the end result can never be published or read by others without our approval, this is the reason why most times many people tend to believe that other stories or history of success/accomplishment/achievement are fabricated because it appears not to be truth

Opportunity is you because it’s a privilege to utilize you or waste you, opportunity is not the privilege of been employed among many, passing through organized knowledge (educational system), etc, opportunity is you, it is a privilege which is available to you at a given time to make your life count in a specified area which is capable of illuminating every part of your life if well utilized.

Many of us today give good reasons while some things may not have happened if something has early been put in place as necessary. You complicate issues by dwelling on factors that have limited your journey instead of creating solutions; regret will never attract mercy or favor of life. I want you to understand this, people around you have a part to play in you, but your part has the highest impact. Each man is to bear his identity with blames to none. It well accepted that many things are expected to be in place to enable the easy journey of the given mandate by those ahead of us, but the question is, will you kill yourself over what others fall to do for your benefits? Majority of us are angry over current circumstance we found ourselves, always bear this in mind that all passing being are mainly concerned with their own given assignment, you are not the only one in a purse of vision, everybody does directly or indirectly. Its stupidity to believe that others will be forth runner of your vision that lies only in your spirit, what has happened has happened, your anger or annoyance will not revise it, learn from it as an errors then make needful correction knowing quite well that all mortals first are responsible to their maker, so bear no gauge on what others do or do not do (even as necessary and mandated).

Passing being should be grateful for the privilege of identify mistakes and errors that call for correction, I know majority will ask, “If the foundation is faulty, what can the righteous do” very easy, rebuild it or build afresh. The only reason why you are allowed to noticed the errors and mistakes is because you have been empowered with the solutions to make correction and put things in place in order to save others from destruction and eternal condemnation, the reason why we see mistakes and errors is because life is expecting solution(s) to him it is  revealed, why didn’t you ask yourself, why am I uncomfortable in what others never see as problem? There are many who have been in such a position before you, some never see it as a burden but normal to leave with, the burden for change is because you are the chosen candidate for the expected solution.

Our parents, family, friends, environment, background, leaders and government has done their part to the best of their knowledge, it is your turn, stop dwelling on their inability to make it right as expected, learn from their errors and mistakes, especially those ones that limit them into average accomplisher and be the best you can ever be, dwelling on what they fall to do will make you even worse than them.

As a young man I have learned to do my part and trust God, and everyone else to do theirs, through this decision I have since discovered that sometimes our part is the delayed of others part to be played in us, and also I have come to understand that the time everyone does their work is quite different and varies from one another.  So I have learned to trust them in playing their part as expected, supplying every needful resource on my part for effective delivery, creating the right platform to enable them to work and lastly trusting in patience of their knowledge without doubts of them to deliver on time.

So dear reader forgive others and likewise forgive yourself, the deed has been done, but the result is waiting for your approval before the book is finally published and read by all.

It’s your choice to publish the   book with or without editing

It’s your choice to change the cover or maintain the original as was given

It’s your choice to rearrange the table of content or not

It’s your choice to rewrite the book or make corrections

Note: With or without your consent the book will be published after the given grace


Read thoroughly and ensure you understand the message before you respond to it demands

Ask needful questions and consider the terms and condition before you negotiate

Make necessary inquiries before you finally signed

You may not be given a second chance

Stay bless

Michael Copars

A teacher and a student of life, a life researcher