Maiyegun Quam

Business Administration Department,

Gateway ICT Polytechnic, Saapade

Ogun State, Nigeria.



             SAVE MY SOUL

I write to the general public to save my soul on an ongoing issue in my Alma mater, Gateway Polytechnic Saapade, Ogun State.

I am a HND2 Business Administration student of the above stated Polytechnic and a member of the National Association of Business Administration and Management Students(NABAMS) of the same institution.

I contested for an election to become the President of the National Association of Business Administration and Management Students(NABAMS) unopposed by any other student in the election which was held on 17th July, 2019. On the election day, the students gathered peacefully to cast their votes as some other contestants are having opponent, all agents who represents the candidates were there from the commencement of voting exercise until the counting of votes period where agents were not allowed to mount to the pavement at counting stage to see how votes were counted, the agent representing me and other candidates in my team came to inform me that the election officers presence didn’t allow them mount the pavement to see what they were counting from the floor to the pavement, then *I raised observation that the agents should be allowed to mount to the pavement to see what they are counting for transparency* and the students echoed it and demanded that the agents should be allowed to move up and see. Some lecturers who were present appears dissatisfied with my observation and one   lecturer (I wouldn’t want to mention anyone’s name publicly until the matter is resolved) who were there called me to the pavement and shouted at me and he said that he ‘promise a penalty for that’.

Shortly after this observation was made by me, the Dean of Management came to the voting centre and granted my request, then both agents including that of my team and other team who contested were granted the access to the pavement to see how the votes were counted and all was going on calmly, peaceful and the students appears happy and satisfied.

The counting of the votes favoured all contestant from my team (Transformation Team) and they were announced and declared winner of the election but when it was the time to count my votes, the same lecturer who promised me a penalty for making observation was  announcing the winner and announced that the President votes is inconclusive till further notice saying it’s order from above. All contested were declared winner except me despite that I do not have opponent as a contestant.

Subsequently, I address my colleagues to be calm and not to react as the issue will be addressed diplomatically, and all students went home peaceful and calmly on 17th July, 2019.

Afterward, I received a letter with *Ref No* GPS/STUDA/GC/VOL.1/137 from the Directorate of Students Affairs on 23rd of July, 2019 with subject  matter: Invitation to a Disciplinary Panel. I honoured the invitation on Friday 26th July, 2019 as about 3:00pm where I was interrogated by same lecturer who promised me penalty on the election day for making observation that agents should see how votes will be counted. I defended myself subtly and calmly on all bulk of allegations orally levied against me as all misconduct levied against me was not written to me. I was the told after the end of the Panel with two lecturers (which I won’t want to mention their names publicly until the matter is resolved) and that day, I was told that they will communicate to me later.

I patiently waited from 26th July, 2019 all through 25th of September, 2019 before I was called for the outcome of the panel in a letter contained with *Ref No* GPS/AR2/VOL.1/049 with subject mater *Letter of Warning*. It is in the content of the letter that I was told that my allegation was attempt to cause break down of law and order during the election. The letter further said that after investigation, I have breached the peace of the campus and as such punishable according to *Student Handbook and Guide pg 26, section 13.1.30* which is two semester suspension, the letter furthermore to say that, the management have decided to give me another chance to turn a new leaf and warned me against such behaviour.

The letter said, that ”You will be EXPELLED if you are *ever invited* to the Disciplinary Committee for any offence in the future no matter *how little it is*Also, the letter said that a copy of such has been forwarded to my guardian.

I considered the *Letter of Warning* as threatening and voided with series of falsehood. I doubt the authenticity of the letter and I also doubt the awareness of the Rector on this because none of my guardian was given a copy of this said letter as stated therein, all allegations and offences stated in the letter was false and doesn’t reflect what truly happened on the peaceful, free and fair election done on 17th July, 2019, also the letter was only signed and not authenticated with the Registrar stamp or stamp of any office as usually done in series of letter issued out and directed to students individually  by the Registrar Office or any other offices from the school.

Furthermore, it is on this observation of falsehoods that I decided to ignore apology letter to anyone in the school pending the time I will ascertain the veracity of the letter and up till the moment that I write this, no one has requested the apology letter.

At resumption of academic activities for 2019/20 session for the HND 2 students when the elected executives supposed to start working, I was informed that one lecturer of the Business Administration  Department said that the decision of the Management is to appoint a President for the association because I was not wanted by the Management to be the President of the students association, the lecturer further asked the General Secretary of the students association (NABAMS) to put it into writing giving the Department/Management the go ahead to appoint President for them, this became contradictory as a whole management could appoint a President without asking the students association to pen such order, then it appears that the “real management” is not involved as students association has little or nothing to do with their governance, then, the   General Secretary and other executives came back on October 8th to give the Head of Department a letter that I (Maiyegun Quam) should be recognized as the President because I contested for election unopposed, declare inconclusive, face panel then the “said management” in the letter stated that I was warned and not to step down my position as President, but yet, the General Secretary and other executives elected was ignored and  threatened that why should they write to recognize me as the President and twisted the “said management decision”. In the long run, the lecturers involved succeeded in their decision to appoint a President to replace me as the President.

It is after all this, that it became clear to me that some lecturers only wanted me out of the Association President either for fear of my  competency or any personal hatred they might have for me, I tactically observed that some lecturers might have ‘faked’ the real management to deal with me and make me not become the President, I became scared with the desperate actions by these lecturers, I am still convinced that the “real school management” aren’t the one so keen on Department students association, but I am currently scared of these lecturers involved not to harm me if I tried to find out the facts of the matter, the bureaucracy of seeing the Rector personally to narrate my ordeal and some other executives has compounded my problem, I am scared not to be harm in any way by any lecturer either directly or indirectly if anyone is been found guilty as people keep telling me that I should be wary of lecturers as they may waylay me in my academics and that I will not graduate. I don’t want to lose my life for contesting unopposed in department students association, I am scared of staying in campus or other vicinity in the school area because if at the end of the day any lecturer is found guilty and punished I may be hurt by such lecturer in any way. I wanted to remain silent but I am still scared that I may be harmed in the long run in the school either on academic result or others.

I don’t want the name of my school to be tarnished and I don’t want anyone to see me as a student who tarnish school image by putting them on air for the world to see what’s happening in the school, it is on this note that I categorically state that I am of the belief that it’s some few lecturers that might be involved in this matters and not the “real school management” as the school management is busy with activities aimed at the school development rather than threatened to expel me and laying all false allegations to me and my Parents that they issued them letter which was false, all because I contested an election with no opponent and I demanded that agents should see how votes will be counted for transparency.

I seek assistance on anyone as to how I will see the Rector in person to hear from my mouth directly on what I am passing through on this matter and justice should be done. Although, departmental students association is not one any lecturer acclaiming to be management should openly or secretly interfere to the extent of attempting to appoint a President over the elected executives, when the elected President purchased election form, campaigned and mostly given full support by the students with no opponent and he isn’t given reasons why he shouldn’t be the President either verbally or orally, but if that’s how it should be, I leave it to necessary authorities of the public and the Rector to see to it, but what I am pleading is that my life  should be safe and I bear grudges with no one.

Thanks very much for your concern.


Maiyegun Quam

Cc: Executive Governor, Ogun State.

Consultant to the Governor of Ogun State on General Matters.

S.A to Governor, Political Matters.



Inspector General of Police, FRN.

Commissioner of Police, Ogun state.

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