The official trailer for ‘Bad Boy 3: For Life’ sees Will Smith and Martin Lawrence taking one more risk.

Set for a January 2020 release, the trailer for ‘Bad Boys 3: For Life’ sees the two cops driving fast cars and taking dangerous risks.

The 2 minutes long trailer also sees Will Smith getting worried over threats to his life and his partner decides to join him for one last mission to find out those who want Smith dead.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reunite in the third phase of the film as two of Miami Police Department’s most infamous officers.

The first phase was released in 1995 and grossed $141.4 million in the box office.

The second sequel which was released in 2003, eight years after the first film was a huge commercial success grossing $273 million worldwide.

‘Bad Boys 3: For Life’ has three production companies, Columbia, Sony and Overbrook Entertainment on it.

The film is expected to make its cinema debut on January 17, 2020.