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Sowore’s enemies at work; Pretending to be for Sowore and indirectly indicting him of sponsoring chaos and violence in the country.

Sowore’s enemies at work; Pretending to be for Sowore and indirectly indicting him of sponsoring chaos and violence in the country.

A higher institution is supposed to be a citadel of learning and not a political syndicate. In no circumstances should a higher institution represent any political party or interest because it was never instituted for political purpose. This does not nullify the fact that every individual which includes student in the institution have their political opinion but narrowing individual political opinion to that of the institution would be totally preposterous and unfair to other people in that institution that have different political interests por opinion.

Gateway Polytechnic Sapaade (Gaposa) is an institution of higher learning in Nigeria established under the same condition has other higher institutions in Nigeria. Over time Gateway polytechnic has become a force in Polytechnic education in the west. They have produced excellent students that are doing massively well in their industries at the moment

The mass-communication department was established in order to equip its students with the skills, knowledge and experience required to compete favourably both in Nigeria and outside the country. Over time this department has grown to the point where they started publishing their newspaper In the college.

Usually information or article to be used in the publications where supposed to get final approval from the Institution’s management before publicity in any media deemed fit by the institution. This is to ensure veracity in information, standard for articles and information to be published and to ensure that publication meets the Institution’s goals and objectives.

The objective of these publications is to engage this students intellectually and to inform them correctly in order for them to become better people in the society. There is no way a campus publication should dabble into political affairs or show political opinion. These publication was supposed to be free from all that owning the goals and objectives of its establishment because the opinion of the Institution publication indirectly becomes the opinion of the institution and that’s why it should be free from topics that does not represent the entire opinion of everyone in the institution. The editor of the publication is Babalola Ayoola Emmanuel.

Is it right for an Institutional campus publication to publish the following;

We are not saying what he wrote is right or wrong; we are not saying it is true or false, neither are we saying he and his cohorts should not have their political opinion. What we are saying is that it is completely wrong to use what affects the interest of thousands of people most especially a higher institution of learning for your selfish purposes. No one is saying you should not write your opinion but why using the facade of an established citadel of learning as your political channel or tools without the permission of the management.

You can write your article and send it to the regular newspaper for them to publish but it will be wrong for you to use the opportunity given to you (to educate your fellow students) to create political tension or unrest in the country. Like we all know, we are all entitled to our opinion regardless of what it is. The Institution publication was not meant for that purpose and should be discouraged in going in that procession most especially when it is a few people using the platform for their political gains.

All this while the PRO and the Head of Mass communication department in the Institution were aware of this political publication from the campus publication but they completely hid it from the entire management of the Institution. Due to this, The management removed the PRO from that office. It will be also good to note that they did this publication in question without the knowledge and permission of the Institution’s Management.

If you were the CEO of such organisation, what would you do to a staff that published information on your organisations platform without your prior knowledge most especially when it will paint your organisation negatively about an interest?

That’s quite some effrontery and insubordination indeed. Does this not look like they were sponsored? But wait, we will sample where the sponsorship maybe coming from. The PRO and HOD (mass communication) Mrs Salami and Mrs Babatunde Ismail respectively eventually resigned based on their own interest. The terrible thing about this event is about Femi Adeyeye tweeting and circulating it around the internet that the management dismissed these staff because they were against APC. Wow! That’s quite misleading and enough to cause chaos and violence. This same people behind that publication further leaked information that Sowore gave them money to do this – and this we all know will be indicting against Sowore. Obviously, Sowore never gave them money for that.

So the question is, what were they trying to achieve? Are they for Sowore interest or against Sowore? Are they political thugs hired by Sowore’s enemies (people that want the downfall of Sowore) to do that in order to indict him of more charges and get him back in jail? Are they political robots hired by some people to create unrest and tension in the country? Do they really represent the interest of the people, Sowore or their pocket?

“It will be good we pay very close attention to people’s intentions in this period the country is in because many may want to take advantage of prevalent issues to enrich their pocket; hiding under the guise of an interest.”

It will be good to recall that this is the same Femi Adeyeye that was expelled from Unilag after writing negative things about the institution – an institution that has produced great minds and leaders around the world today and is still doing so.

Babalola Ayoola Emmanuel is a notorious students in Gaposa with so many negative accounts and events with his name. This is the same Babalola Ayoola Emmanuel that wrote against Sowore before the just concluded 2019 election.

Is it not obvious that some political juggernaut that wants to crucify Sowore and want to take advantage of the situation in the country to cause chaos and violence are financing this action of his. The so called Femi Adeyeye that is acting like he is for Sowore is actually acting against him by promoting this.

We are calling on well meaning Nigerians to act on this. The fact that we all have the right to give our personal opinion does not mean someone should wake up one morning, pick up their pen or computer or phone to write things about you that will bring you down. If we do not act today to stop this tendencies or discourage this act, we might become victim of it tomorrow.

Sowore should dissociate himself from these boys because they are actually the ones bringing him down. They are being sponsored to create proof for why he was arrested so he can be re-arrested. They were hijacked by Sowore enemies when they discover they were Anti-Sowore.

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