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Comrade In The Struggle Jungle

Life is in a progressive process, so is learning. The difference between a lecturer or teacher and a student is the available knowledge at their disposal, and most of it is gathered through an accumulation of experience via repetition or routine duties and responsibility.

The two most important thing a student seeks above many in an institution are 1. Knowledge (information, organizations, skills, etc) and evidence of that knowledge is the second (certificate, experience, etc)

Leadership is all about servant-hood, no servant no leader. The world today is full of people who have benefited from the deeds of others on what to do, what not to do, what to stop doing etc.

It is obvious today that many comrades do not take servant-hood into anything important due to greediness and self-center. No matter your level as a being you need 1. Mentor(s) (i.e. spiritual back up or support, teachers, guardians, etc) and 2. Followers (servants, supporters, fans, etc). Every comrade is both a leader and a servant; those who are not loyal to serve will never have loyal servants or followers. Rivers that neglect it source because it can grow its source will never journey that far, and such reign only last for a moment. The anarchy today in comradeship is as a result of the greediness of servant-hood that has no regard to the source of their strength.

Deception; “he/she takes all the glory or benefits while I do all the work out” but they forgot so soon that the privilege they ever had of working it out lies in the strength of the source. Either you agree or disagree, the truth remains every comrade is both a leader and a servant.

Loyalty is not a weakness, you don’t lose integrity or dignity by paying loyalty to any, but by compromising your stand for justice and for what you profess (been known for nothing to be vow for, even by friends). Even enemies sometimes do vow for a man on integrity

Michael Copars

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