His Proposal To Saudi Arabia

Greetings to my distinguished guest all the way from Saudi Arabia, I am so delighted to welcome you to our organization “Global Itinerant Researchers” The organization is non-profitable and it prioritizes in culture building. Our objective includes, Restoring the lost dignity and pride of humanity, creating a pathway for the fulfillment, defending the oppressed, and a lot more. A culture which is ideas, custom, and social behavior of the people has not just depreciated in value, but has lost its values and has long encouraged indiscipline, and indecent dressing to mention but a few. The organization’s ideology is highly prioritized in culture sensitization to help caution the widespread culture abuse of human dignity.

The importance of cultural values both for society and individuals cannot be overstated. Cultural values are what shape society and influence the people who live within that society. Cultural value helps to foster harmony and peace in our society. Cultural values help to promote empathy, altruistic behaviors, and harmony among different races, cultures, and religions. Cultural values can encourage “doing” that focuses on making the world a better place for all. Cultural values encourage collectivism, building trust and love for one another to support each other in the society they leave. The role of culture in our society cannot be underestimated if we are to create a better place for us all.

It will interest you to know that cultural values are so important that it affects all settings and operation of human endeavor, operations of human endeavor such as business, relationship, government, etc, depends on the culture of such settings to strive. Culture has been one important factor that has helped to grow interrelationship among countries. Even as of today is hard to do business with other countries without accepting and respecting their cultural values

There is no doubt that our visitor’s country is people of culture which in many centuries up to date have helped promote human dignity and pride in various ways, such as a moral lifestyle, respect for elders and families, decent dressing, and many others. Through these acts have helped to reduce indiscipline, and have impacted the younger generations for a world of value and integrity even at the current trend of culture abuse in the 21st century.

There is a need to promote culture value in every society for a better place for us all, this will help control indecent acts, deeds and action which has always been tagged in the name of civilization and globalization of 21st century.

Cultural values help us to accept the difference in customs and traditions of other people. It will be difficult to have a good and cordial relationship and trust among others without proper reference for others’ beliefs and ways of life. Culture is crucial, and a key factor that forms our beliefs and acceptances of others. Most of the current happenings (evils) in our societies today have been as the result of contempt treatment to cultural values and importance. It obvious that kings in the 21st century have lost their values and powers in democratic settings, the privacy of the human body (ladies) has depreciated in values that it is no longer a thing of honor. The way of life of the youth today in many communities, societies and family is as you feel. A widespread of hatred, wickedness is a lot issue of concerned. And this is what my organization is all about, making a better world for us all.

My organization will be glad to partner with our visitors from Saudi Arabia in promoting cultural values in our society, also to help promote peace, harmony, and unity among individuals, societies, and countries, and with these hope to create good and cordial relationships to help foster trust among us.   Thank You