Women Breaks Secrets

“Women symbolizes power and secrets among orders, while men symbolize wisdom and authority among orders”

The book of genesis called them “helpmate” The word helpmate is a mystery that many are yet to give a taught in-depth meaning. Generally the word “help” means assistance and support.  Support is sought after when self abilities or efforts is limited in resources (resources not limited to materials) to pursue set goals, desires or vision.

The word help doesn’t signify authority, leader or commander, but power, secrets, keys, etc. This means an authority lacks the potentials to strive without help. Men obey commands or order because of a higher power which is cable to break them if they disobey. For anything to grow, it must have a secret, also secret is useless if it lacks authority to protect it, power is destructive without the guardian of wisdom, so are keys without padlocks.

No matter the strength, secrets, and powers, without conferment it remained useless, that’s the reason why darkness always passes through them to influence creatures.  Women are secret agent, at the same time destructive weapon because their nature acts without thinking.  No matter the knowledge and experience, without the application of rightful wisdom it remained doormat. Women seek securities in man, but unfortunate some take unnecessary advantage of this security as trusted upon them.

Women should wake up to their call to duties and responsibilities as received by their creator. Women pull your power to bring back order in homes, schools, societies, etc, by given the rightful training to your seed. Rescued your seed from the power of darkness, hear the cry of your seed as they cry in agony of bondage

I want every woman to understand this, no matter their anger or taught for revenge over men’s manipulation, it will never confide authorities to them. Women should understand that men are so logical in nature, if a platform of desperation is created to their satisfaction they take advantage, also treated with caution in honor and respect if created with dignity

If women play their roles as expected, they will command, honor and respect as deserve without abuse from creatures and existence

To be continued………