Nollywood veteran Kanayo O. Kanayo is tired of being associated with money rituals

The movie veteran says he’s being distracted by people who always associated him with money rituals on social media. Nollywood veteran Kanayo O. Kanayo  expressed his displeasure at being associated with money rituals.

Due to the roles he usually plays in movies, social media users for years have had him associated with money rituals.

But while on Instagram Live recently taking reactions from his #dontleavemechallange video, the 58-year-old actor was furious at the distraction from those still talking about money rituals.

We are doing something about is Don’t Leave Me challenge, all you’re talking about is rituals.,” he says in the video.

“Go and do rituals with yourself. I’m playing a role. I’m not angry but the fact is that there are some people who don’t contribute anything to followership.

All they want to do is distract and when I got on their page I see that they have only two people following them, meanwhile they are following 1000 people.”

The award-winning actor made his debut movie appearance in 1992 classic Living in Bondage

In that movie, he played a character called Chief Omego, who belongs to a cult group known for killing their loved ones for money rituals.

He has reprised that role several times which led to him being referred to as a ritualist.