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The Spanish Flu led to a boom in the medical field

In 1918, the world rejoiced at the end of World War One. Unfortunately, a far more sinister form of death was beginning to take lives: Spanish Influenza.  In two short years, the virus killed between fifty million and one hundred million people.  It is said that the Spanish Flu killed more in twenty-five weeks than AIDS has in twenty-five years—and more in a single year than the Bubonic Plague killed in a century.  The outbreak gave modern scientists the first true close look at an epidemic, paving the way for great advances in medicine.

Furthermore, the massive influx of patients led to a boom in the medical field, increasing the pay for doctors and encouraging many to enter the profession, a trend that continues to this day.  For better or for worse, the Spanish Flu introduced the idea of “medicine for profit” to the world.

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