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The intriguing story of a 21-year-old man who feeds on grass

The story of a 21-year-old man who was born different and feeds on grasses like an animal has gone viral, leaving many people in a state of sadness. He was born after five other siblings who reportedly died simultaneously.

His parents then went to God in prayers for another child, and God answered them.

What is strange about the young man is the fact that he feeds on grasses just like animals and has a penchant for living in the forest.

People bully him by referring to him as a monkey, and others assault him physically.

He runs away when he sees people and does not like living among members of his community.

According to reports, the young man is unable to speak but hears.

In related news, a young boy has so much hair on his face that he literally looks like a ‘werewolf’.

Hairy Lalit lives in Madhya Pradesh in India with his family. Despite his congenital condition, he seems to be quite a lively boy growing beautifully in his surroundings.

According to his mother, when she saw him half an hour after he was born his whole body was covered with hair. His father said this startled the nurse and she promptly called the doctor in and asked him what was wrong. But the doctor said they should not worry because the baby was fine.

At school, his friends and teacher do not treat him differently. His teacher said, “I have been teaching Lalit since year 7, he is now in year 8. And since birth, he’s had hairs on his face. I have talked to his father regarding this issue. According to him, they’ve tried a lot of treatments but nothing seems to work.”

Lalit said, “I feel alright with my hair because it’s been like this since I was born. So that’s why.” The air keeps growing back whenever they cut it. He also said, “I want the hair to go away and I can grow up without it.”

He suffers from a rare congenital condition called hypertrichosis. The disorder causes excessive hair growth. This condition is also known as Werewolf syndrome.

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