Adesina: ‘Buhari gave me an envelope filled with foreign currency, I won’t tell you how much’

The Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has shared the story of how his boss twice blessed him with huge sums of money.

Buhari commemorates his 78th birthday today, December 17, 2020.

The president has carved a reputation for being an ascetic, sandal-wearing ex-General who abhors corruption, who is austere, frugal, parsimonious or tight-fisted.

In his congratulatory essay to the president titled; ‘Buhari At 78: If only we knew this President,’ Adesina writes that Buhari can be quite generous and is also quite capable of loosening the purse strings, contrary to widespread belief.

“In January 2017, I was to receive the traditional title of Nwanne di Namba of Mmaku Kingdom, in Enugu State.

“Courtesy demanded I tell the president. This man, who prides himself as ‘very stingy’ gave me a handsome amount of money to ferry my friends and family to the ceremony. How much? I won’t tell you, lest you ask for a belated share.

President Muhammadu Buhari (Left) and Femi Adesina [Presidency]
President Muhammadu Buhari (Left) and Femi Adesina [Presidency]

“And in May 2018, I was billed for China for a 12 days course for senior government officials from Africa. He said when the journey was two days away, I should come to see him. I did.

“You know what he said? “Adesina, I know that you don’t have money. But you are too shy to ask.” We both laughed, and he gave me an envelope which contained foreign currency. How much? You think I’ll tell you? For where?”, Adesina writes.