The current robbery cases in the Neighborhood town where the great citadel of learning “GATEWAY ICT polytechnics Saapade” is situated is becoming more unbearable and can no longer be tolerated. As reported to our correspondent, they have been series of robbery case in the Neighborhood town (Isara precisely), where the majority of the students leave to pursue their academic activities.

One of the major cases was reported to occur at 2:00 am on Sunday, 24th January 2021, where rooms were burg with gunshots.



The students have shown so much displeasure on what they tagged “incapacity of comradeship” The students channeled their anger to the current president, whom they believed is too cool to lead the struggle in ending this ongoing insurgency that has turned most of the students to become watchmen at night.

The recent case that took place on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th around the Mos hotel area spite the public cry for help by the students, as they are more fearful of their lives.
The students wish to use this medium to call on relevant students bodies in the state to please come to their aid, acknowledging the fact that the school management, students union government, and others have not relented on the matter but wishes urgent attention as they are not aware of what next to expect