Everything isn’t well with Nigeria – Ortom

Lead representative Samuel Ortom of Benue State has said that everything isn’t well with Nigeria, saying that the individuals who have faith in the opposite were simply beguiling themselves.

Gov. Ortom who paid a sympathy visit to the relatives of the late Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Dr Obadiah Mailafia, lauded the ideals of the late author and technocrat in going to bat for equity and truth despite everything.

As indicated by Gov. Ortom, “Dr Mailafia was dauntless and he remained on reality. As the Bible says, ‘You should know reality and reality will liberate you.’ Our sibling represented truth and equity.”

He added, “Anybody saying that everything is great in Nigeria is simply deluding himself. Nigeria is in a coma. Nigerians have never been separated as it is today.”

He said “let everybody in on that Nigeria is more noteworthy than any individual. Nigeria is more noteworthy than us all.”

Gov. Ortom said they were in the perished’s home to offer their appreciation to Dr. Mailafia and control center the family.

He liked God for giving Nigeria Mailafia and for everything he did in his life time.

He noticed that Dr Mailafia carried on with a commendable life, and he was glad the Almighty God saved his life to empower him accomplish what he had the option to.

The Governor accepted that the activities and recollections he left behind will at any point stay alive.

Lead representative Ortom had awful news for those praising the demise of the previous CBN Deputy Governor, as what Mailafia did in life will proceed to sprout and bear organic products for a long time to come.

As per Gov. Ortom, “I remain with Dr Mailafia even in his demise. I like his standards, and however dead, we will proceed with the battle.”

He urged the perished’s better half to be solid.

Inviting Gov. Ortom to the Mailafia’s home, the National President of the Middle Belt Forum (MBF), Dr Pogu Bitrus, appreciated the Governor for figuring out break of his bustling timetables to pay a sympathy visit to the family Dr Mailafia who was one of Nigeria’s recognized senior legislator and noticeable child of the Middle Belt Region.

Individuals from the dispossessed family who got the Governor incorporated the widow, Mrs Margaret Mailafia and a portion of the kin of the previous CBN Deputy Governor.

They included Dr. Luka Mailafia, Professor Samuel Mailafia and Barr Abel Mailafia.