Border Collie Dog

The Border Collie is a breed of dog that was originally bred to help herd sheep. It’s an energetic fun dog and is considered the most intelligent of the dog breeds. How big is the Border Collie? The Border Collie is a medium size dog. Males weigh around 30 to 45 pounds and are about […]

Ancient Africa Slavery

Often when we think of African slavery, we think of the African slaves in the United States in the 1800s. However, slavery was common throughout much of the world for most of human history. This was also true of Ancient Africa where slavery existed in most of the ancient empires and civilizations on the continent. […]

Michelle Obama says ‘You Are America’ will be written on Chicago Presidential Center

The Obama Presidential Center is expected to break ground in Chicago’s southwest Jackson Park neighborhood later this year. To celebrate the forthcoming event, Michelle Obama shared an empowering message on social media and revealed the words that will be added to the exterior of the building in three different languages, PEOPLE reports: “You Are America.” In her post, Obama noted the […]


60 years ago, on 25 March 1957, the predecessor of today’s European Union was born – the European Economic Community (EEC). The Treaty of Rome (the legal basis of the current European Union) signed by Belgium, the Netherlands, West Germany, France, Italy and Luxembourg ushered in a new era of European co-operation. However, what is […]

The possibility that the Igbo tribe is from Israel

To believe that the Igbos is one of the lost tribes of Israel might sound ridiculous to a lot of people. However, apart from the story of how they came into being, the Igbos also shares some similar practices with the biblical Jews. But upon factual analysis, one is forced to rethink the possibility of […]

Mystery Caves of Ages

Beyond providing refuge in times of peril, the Ogbunike caves are a spiritual bastion and a hidden gem of the Nigerian East. In the latter months of 1968 and 1969, when hundreds of people hid in the dark to escape the perils of the Nigerian Civil War, the Ogbunike caves presented many options. For the […]

Ancient coded secret

Fires blazed the way for humans to evolve into the species we are today. Scientists suspect that without a control over fire, humans probably would never have developed large brains and the benefits that come along with it. But when did humans first discover how to use fire? “That’s a tricky question,” said Ian Tattersall, […]

The Hidden Powers of The Sacred Island

Selja monastery has been considered one of the most sacred sites in Norway for more than 1000 years. The monastery is connected to the legend of St. Sunniva (10th century CE), who is the only female Norwegian saint, and was for a long time an important pilgrimage site in the country, second only to The Nidaros […]